‘After Your Birth, We Spent 4 Extra Days at The Hospital Because There Was no Money To Discharge Us’ – Akpoaza Group Singer, Agbaeze Gabriel Shares Heartbreaking Story His Mother Told Him

Birthdays happen only once in a year hence, celebrants always seize the opportunity to share their joy and pains in the journey so far.

Below, Gospel Music Minister and Member of Popular Nigerian Music Group, Dynamite, Agbaeze Gabriel Ogba has penned down an emotional story his mother told him and Challenges his family faced after his birth. Read below

As I walked into the room, I noticed the beaming smile on her face even though she was in pain. ” Happy birthday nna ” she said, and I responded with ” thank you ma ” as I smiled back at her.

” While I was pregnant with you, at no time was I sick, I didn’t take even paracetamol. In fact, you didn’t stress me for even a day. On the day of delivery, the nurses were surprised when they opened my antenatal card ”.

Me: Really?

” Yes. But after the delivery, we spent extra four days in the hospital because there was no money to discharge us, your father and I were struggling financially. I still remember the day he came to see us in the hospital and he started weeping even in the face of his blessing ”

Me: How much was involved then?

” Twenty seven Naira(#27)”

Me: Shocked.

” We were discharged eventually. When we got home, feeding became another challenge. What I did for you, was what they now call exclusive breastfeeding because we couldn’t afford baby milk. At a point, the exclusive breastfeeding began to tell on me, I was not feeding well and that made it necessary to look for an alternate. So, we resorted to using oporo (prawn) for your pap. I’ll go to the market, buy the prawn, grind them and use for your pap. You looked happy each time you took the pap with the prawn, it was as if you understood the situation on ground. Now look at you my son, you’ve grown to be a blessing to your generation ”

Trying to hold back my tears, I left the room. I lifted up my eyes and made a very short but a sincere prayer from the depth of my heart. I said ” God, may I never be a disappointment in this life ”

I’m nowhere close to where I want to be, but I’m making progress and must surely get there.

To every struggling parent ( single or couple), Never give up. No matter the pain you are passing through to raise the seed(s) in your hands, you shall gain in due course.

It’s my birthday!
It’s another beginning!
I’m happy!

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